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Satoshi Gojo

Scientific Advisor

Satoshi studied transplantation immunology at Harvard University and returned to Japan in 1999. While engaged in clinical practice at Saitama Medical University, he succeeded for the first time in the world in regenerating failing hearts by bone marrow cell transplantation for artificial heart therapy in 2005. From 2008, he supported the program of artificial heart therapy and heart transplantation at the Department of Cardiac Surgery, University of Tokyo for four years. In 2011, he took up a professorship at Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine, where he is engaged in basic medical research focusing on organelles that support the cellular basis. In 2017, he established mitochondrial genome replacement technology, and in 2019, he participated as a Founder in the establishment of IMEL Biotherapeutics Inc. using this technology to treat mitochondrial diseases, a rare intractable disease. In 2021, he became CSO with the establishment of IMEL Japan and is developing research for novel cancer therapies; in 2023, he became Scientific Advisor to RDiscovery and is conducting research to establish organelle therapies.